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Public Talk: From Maps in East Asia to Surveying Treatises in the West (in Cantonese)

15 Feb 2020 15:00 – 16:15

From Maps in East Asia to Surveying Treatises in the West (in Cantonese)

Geographical mapping has a long history in the cultural sphere of East Asia that the Luogao洛誥chapter of the Shangshu 尚書mentions that the Duke of Zhou submitted to King Cheng a surveyed map Luoyi tu 洛邑圖. The earliest existing Chinese map is the Qinguo Guixian tu 秦國邽縣圖drawn on a wooden board with ink between 315 B.C. and 299 B.C. Theseshow the surveying, drawing and collection of maps is the foundation of the rule in the premodern imperial. This talk will discuss the Chinese geographical maps before the Southern Song and Islamic cartography during the Mongolian Yuan, as well as the geographical maps and surveying treatises from the West introduced to China by the Jesuits through translation.


Professor FUNG Kam Wing
Board Director and Guest Curator, Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Zhu Kezhen History of Science Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Free with museum admission