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Public Talk: Development and Evolution of China Map (in Cantonese)

18 Jan 2020 15:00 – 16:15

Development and Evolution of China Map (in Cantonese)

This lecture focuses on several ancient Chinese maps, expounding its drawing skills, basic theories and uses, and extending to describe the evolution of Chinese history from maps to maps for more than two thousand years. It is divided into early, traditional, transitional and modern periods.


Coincidentally, the famous historian Mr. Qian Mu is discussing the process of Chinese history, which is also divided into the ancient period, the middle period and the modern period. Mr. Qian Mu said, "We can also take the Qin Dynasty from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty for more than two thousand years, calling it the Middle Ages of Chinese history, and improperly dividing it in the middle." In this way, the process of Chinese drawing is in sync with the evolution of Chinese history. Therefore, this exhibition also promoted the development of maps to a large number of Chinese translations of foreign language science and technology that appeared at the same time during the Qing Dynasty. When displaying map measurements and international rolling, Chinese culture also rushed toward modernization. Of course, the shift of culture to its depth and breadth cannot be compared with the modernization of maps. China’s culture has been turning for more than a hundred years, but it is still in progress today.


Mr Tam Kwong Lim

Board Director of the Hong Kong Maritime Museum

Free with museum admission