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Talk 30 June

Asia’s Archipelago: Key to East-West Trade (in English)

30 Jun 2019 16:00-17:30
Asia’s Archipelago: Key to East-West Trade
Philip Bowring, Journalist
30 June, 2019 (Sunday)
News of the Belt and Road abounds. But the sea trade links between east Asia and lands to the west have existed for two millennia and been drivers of political and religious as well as economic change. Central to this has been the role of Austronesian Asians, the maritime peoples of the great archipelago and adjacent coasts of the South China, Java, Sulu and Banda seas, with their shipbuilding and navigational prowess, and use of the straits and wind systems. Philip Bowring explores the history of the rise and fall of the region’s commercial states and empires, and the roles of supply and demand for a variety of goods involving  China, India, Arabia, Europe as well as the spice-rich archipelago itself.
Free with museum admission