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Marine Ecosystem and Daily Lives

Marine Pollution: Choices of Seafood and Impact on Health (in Cantonese)

21 Oct 2018 15:00-16:00
Special Exhibitions and Events Gallery
Professor Paul Lam, Chair Professor of Biology, Department of Chemistry, and Director of State Key Laboratory in Marine Pollution at City University of Hong Kong Language: Cantonese

Marine pollution is a global problem which threatens the integrity of many ecosystems. Due to the increasing demand for new chemicals used in the manufacturing industry, large amounts of toxic substances, including those referred to as “Emerging Chemicals of Concern”, have entered the environment. Many of these toxic substances are persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic, and have potential for long-range transport. Some marine organisms can also produce chemicals that are toxic to their consumers. These contaminants can be taken up by different marine organisms and eventually end up in humans via consumption of seafood. This talk will explore the impact of environmental pollution on food safety.

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