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The Silver Age - Curator’s Talk and Tour ( For The Silver Age: Origins and Trade of Chinese Export Silver Exhibition) (in Cantonese)

28 Jan 2018 15:30-17:00
As an accompaniment to ’The Silver Age: Origins and Trade of Chinese Export Silver’ exhibition, exhibition curators will lead visitors on a guided tour of the shining age of silver.
By traveling between the global seas, Chinese silver mountains and various treaty ports, visitors will be able to understand the production and usage of silver and silverwares through the ages as well as the curatorial concepts behind the Exhibition.
Free with museum admission and no booking required.
From Canton to Hong Kong: Export Silver in Late Qing and the Republican Period
Nina Lai-Na Wan
Curatorial Research Associate, Hong Kong Maritime Museum
The history of Chinese export silver is basically the same as that of export paintings and export ceramics—all commence from Canton. After the First Opium War ended in 1842, the export silver business of Canton’s Thirteen Hongs shone no longer. Silver workshops, silver shops and technically superb silversmiths gradually moved to neighbouring cities, including Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Chengdu, etc., in order to seek a spot to reside and practice their trades. The initiation of Hong Kong export silver unfolded gradually, following the end of the one-port commerce of Canton. As a British colony, Hong Kong rose quickly thanks to her innate geographic and cultural strengths. Indeed, she became the ideal spot for the export silver industry to transplant and develop.