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EAST MEETS WEST Maritime Silk Routes in the 13th - 18th Centuries

This exhibition catalogue accompanying the exhibition of the same name includes over two hundreds pieces of exquisite exhibits with historical values, telling the historical stories of “Connecting the Globe”, “Mapping East and West”, “Economic Sea”, “Sunken Treasures” and “Maritime Civilisation”. The catalogue also conveys six essays written by professionals and scholars which contribute to the issues of maritime silk routes of the ancient time and present days.

The Silver Age Cover

The Silver Age

This exhibition catalogue produced by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum was created to accompany The Silver Age exhibition held between 19 December 2017 and 25 February 2018.

The publication features over 200 individual export silver exhibits drawn from the Guang-dong Museum, the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, the HSBC Archives, the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Museum of History and a number of leading local collectors. 
In addition to over 100 illustrations, the catalogue features seven interdisciplinary essays which contextualise the exhibits and provides a record of this ground breaking exhibit suitable for both the general reader and the specialist.
Postcards of Old Hong Kong

Postcards of Old Hong Kong

This book contains postcards of Hong Kong between 1890 to 1920, all from a private collection of my father, a dedicated philatelists and historian.  Old postcards take us back to scenes of Hong Kong over a hundred year ago. Unlike letters, postcards can be read by anyone, and therefore most likely they do not carry personal secrets. People send good wishes to their families and friends overseas, as well as sharing the excitement of them being somewhere abroad. Stories of a person or even a family can be told via the written words, the stamp and even the postmarks.