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"Time Flies. It's up to you to be the navigator" and "There is no time better than now" are the thought provoking messages etched on the box and the top of the clock.

Measures 9x7x6cm.


"Mankind has measured the passing of time using the apparent movement of the sun since before 1500 BC using a number of different instruments.
The dial dates back to around 300 BC, when a hollow hemispherical instrument was first used.

Portable versions came into existence soon afterwards. They relied on the altitude of the sun rather than its direction, needing a correction for the time of year. Later versions also incorporated adjustments for latitude. During the 15th century the development of the magnetic compass made a portable sundial possible, because the operator could know the direction of North. "

Supplied in a box measuring 4" square, 2½" tall.