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François Drémeaux: Hong Kong-France Connection

Hong Kong's colonial past is normally associated with Britain. But for history teacher François Drémeaux, France's contribution in Hong Kong should not go unnoticied. His book Hong Kong, French Connections details stories of Hong Kong's French community for the 19th to the present.

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Opening of the Palaces of the Sea exhibition

Let's check out this video that recapped the greatest moments of the kick off of our exhibition "Palaces on the Seas: The Golden Age of French Ocean Liners" from Le French May

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The Jahre Viking

Why do some objects sink and others float?

The Greek inventor and scientist Archimedes knew the answer. So did Cao Chong, a child prodigy from the Han dynasty. They will help you grasp the scientific principle of buoyancy.


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The story of Cao Chong

This is the story of Cao Chong and how he used the principle of buoyancy to determine the weight of an elephant.

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Plastic Ocean

The Hong Kong Maritime Museum salutes the hard work of the Harbour School's production of the music video Plastic Ocean

Students put together a great song and video that highlights the important conservation message of the dangers of plastics in the ocean. The students were inspired by the research they did about the plight the Albatross and other sea life that are the victims of ingesting plastics during the course of the daily feeding schedule.

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