• K H and K W Koo Gallery

    China’s First Maritime Modernization

K H and K W Koo Gallery - China’s First Maritime Modernization

This gallery`s main focus is on the challenge of securing the safety of seafarers at sea, recounting  how today`s measures evolved through events in China and contributions made by historical figures such as Li Hong Zhang.

The lives of seafarers depend on systems, equipment and maritime regulations for their safety and security at sea.  Serious incidents have led to improvements in equipment and rules: for example, accidents around coastlines led to China being at the forefront in developing lighthouse technology;  experience of the damage that can be wrought by typhoons has led to warning procedures and designated shelters for ships; collisions have been greatly reduced by adherence  to the 'Rule of the Road', for ships.  For many years Hong Kong was the region`s centre for salvage operations.

Major incidents do occur and the fire on board the Queen Elizabeth/Seawise University provides a sobering example.  There are also accounts of other dramas including the ordeals of Poon Lim BEM, who is the record holder for solo survival at sea. 

The gallery is sponsored by Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co (H.K.) Ltd in honour of the company’s founders, K. H. and K.W. Koo.