• Return! Another Look at “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”

    Check out our newly-interpreted exhibitions, “The Dragon and the Eagle” and “The Silver Age”!
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    The new online exhibition ‘The Story of Philo Norton McGiffin’ is available at Google Arts & Culture!
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    Everyday from 10 am to 6 pm. A quiet space overseeing the harbour with both indoor and outdoor seating.

    A multi-media, interactive, encyclopaedic platform for maritime learning!
  • The Online Canton Trade Game

    Travel back to a virtual 19th century world and complete a sailing voyage from the United States to old Canton!
  • Lighthouse Memories: Green Island Lighthouse Documentary

    Lighthouse Memories: Green Island Lighthouse demonstrates the information obtained through primary sources such as archived collections, old documents, images, and texts that support the research on the Green Island Lighthouse.
    (In Partnership with City University of Hong Kong)
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    The Alexander Hume Painting
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    On Star Ferry, marine pollution, Harbour stories and its people, and China trade history
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